Creative Writing

Click on the links below to get a taste of my writing style.

High School/Post-secondary

These are old works before I really got serious about writing.  While most work from those early days I consider a little embarrassing, some of it wasn’t so bad.

  1. The Question
  2. The Pendulum

Inspired/based on the world of A’thírin

I began writing poetry based on A’thírin before I wrote my first book.

  1. I Had Plunged Into a Sea of Love
  2. I Had Slain the Innocent
  3. The Fall of Athlaya

Short Stories

Fantasy-Faction sports a monthly writing contest which I’ve taken part in a few times.  It’s a fun way to practice my technique, as well as developing my writing voice.

  1. Common Rejects
  2. The Exile
  3. Rule of the Curse