Into A'thírin

The Making of A’thírin

A’thírin is a world that took root when I was twenty years old.  Since then, it has grown into a massive project complete with a separate language, extensive map, a massive cast of characters, and various cultures.  But it all started somewhere, and that’s the story I plan to share here.  Join me as I recount the tale of how A’thírin came to be, from simple fan fiction to its own separate world.

Dive into the origin story.

The World of A’thírin

Explore a world full of various landscapes, cultures and characters. Here, you can read about places, people and customs.

Learn the lore.

Creative Writing

Throughout my life, I’ve written a number of poems, as well as a few short stories.  Poetry has long fascinated me, and I especially like how Tolkien incorporated numerous songs into the Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.  I want to follow that example.  In addition to poetry, I have tried my hand at short stories.

You can read these various short works in Creative Writing.