The True Faithen’s Plight

The True Faithen’s Plight
Series: A'thería's Wake, Book 1
Genre: Fantasy
A boy with no memories. A man trying to piece together the mysteries behind the boy's situation. Together, they'll struggle to escape an enemy neither of them understand.
About the Book

Yosef can only remember two things besides his name. The first is a pair of creepy, yellow eyes amidst black wisps of darkness. The second is a voice telling him to follow a road. When the road brings him to a city, he soon discovers he has a special sense, one that can hear the voice of silence and feel the presence of unseen entities.

On his travels to the south, Ninthalas discovers Yosef in a shack for an inn. According to a few remaining refugees from Yosef’s hometown, the boy is the only one to escape the clutches of a mysterious enemy known as the Black Assailant who led an attack on their village. Ninthalas wishes to bring Yosef north with the hopes of providing him with a new home, but the Black Assailant has picked up their trail.

And she isn’t pleased that Yosef escaped.

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